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ほら、息を吸って入って 生きている
一歩一歩歩いている ただそれだけでいい


I’m laughing so hard she is so over her momma

here it is, 106b! it ain’t much, but it’s home now.

the walls are bare, so i’m going to get posters soon. i used to have a bunch of supernatural posters but idk where they went, so… i guess i need new ones.

also, that “bed” is my futon; i have no bed just yet.

there we go, that’s it. welcome to apartment 106b.

(also, this panorama shot makes it look like kevin only has one eye, but i assure you he has two)


what i find so fascinating about dean and cas is that they are both seen as a failure to their kind by others as well as themselves (‘you’re human, dean - and not much of one’ / ‘you’re an angel?’ ‘a poor example of one’)

…and yet that failure only comes because they’ve succeeded in the opposite regard

dean’s body and mind are constantly battered by those he loves when they are possessed and it’s only through his words that they are able to come back. he surrenders himself to save them, he redeems them by enduring their fists and their blows and then forgiving them. dean’s story is one of sacrifice. dean is divine. 

cas’ heart is constantly beating against the walls of his grace, sparking a conscience within, capable of resisting even the most brutal forms of brainwashing. he looks at the first-born children lying in their baskets in egypt and fights against the order to slaughter them. mind erased. he sees a broken man trying to find solace on a dock alone and attempts to defy the order to not tell him the truth. ripped out from his vessel and tortured. that same man calls out to him to help him save his brother and the rest of humanity and cas stares zachariah right in the face as he rebels. death. rebirth. cas’ story is one of struggle, of surviving, of persisting despite ones circumstances.. cas is human. 

dean may have been born human, but he is the personification of divinity.

cas may have been created divine, but he is the personification of humanity.

funny how that all works out, huh?

lmao i’m moving today and my piece of shit brother who is off all day today absolutely refuses to help

so happy i won’t have to live under the same roof as this yahoo anymore